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Health care law includes the laws and regulations governing hospital and healthcare administration. An understanding of healthcare insurance is key to it. There are big differences in the types and amount of coverage provided by various private insurance policies, such as HMOs, PPOs, disability insurance, and hospital indemnity insurance. There are also big differences in the cost to you. Public health insurance programs also play a part. Elderly and disabled persons may be eligible for coverage through the federal Medicare program. The joint state-federal Medicaid program helps certain individuals, including disabled persons and low-income elderly persons, pay for long-term care and in-home healthcare. Please read on to find a health care attorney, health care lawyer or to learn more about health care law and health care powers of attorney. Health care attorney and lawyer listings provided by

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Legal articles focusing on Health Care Law
Swine Flu: HIPAA, Liability & Public Health Issues
What are the legal implications from the swine flu outbreak? Transmitting an illness such as swine flu is generally unintentional, and lawsuits or prosecutions are unlikely. Privacy protections apply, too, even under pandemic conditions. Know your rights if you miss work or school due to illness.
HIPAA Privacy Rules and Your Pregnancy
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) created new rules for hospitals and health care providers to follow before disclosing confidential patient information. Learn more about this Privacy Rule and your rights and the hospital's responsibilities.
Immunization and Vaccination Laws in the US
US immunization laws require children to be vaccinated before entering school, though parents may request a medical, religious or philosophical exemption. Adults may have to be immunized as a condition of employment or if they are foreign citizens seeking permanent residency in the United States.
Hospice Care for the Terminally Ill
Hospice care is an important option when you are terminally ill, or when you are caring for someone with a terminal illness. Hospice care can be offered at home or at a dedicated hospice. To better choose an appropriate setting for hospice care, you should understand what benefits are available.
Medical Records: Privacy Issues
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) gives individuals certain privacy rights over the use and sharing of their health information by health insurers and health care providers. HIPAA allows individuals to file a complaint if they believe that their rights are violated.
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