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Health Care-Tell Me About It: Infor...

"Informed consent" is a legal term describing your level of understanding when authorizing a certain activity or procedure. It's most commonly used for medical treatm...Read more

Can You Trust Your Doctor Do You

Usually in March, a week is set aside to celebrate Doctor-Patient Trust Week. The idea is to foster a good, healthy relationship between you and your doctor. Today, m...Read more

Health Care Terms

Whether you have insurance or areĀ one of the millions of people who aren't covered, you should know many of these terms to become a more informed consumer. Man...Read more

Health Insurance

New Scam - Unlicensed Heath Care Plans

The price of health care in the United States continues to increase. As a result, many Americans are either uninsured or are paying extremely high premiums. As usual, where there's desperation, a scam artist is ready to use the situation to take advantage of your fears. Scam artists, aware of the situation, are selling cheaper "health insurance plans." In reality, these plans aren't regu... Read More

Medicare and Medicaid

9 Medicaid Myths That Could Cost You

Despite what many people think, the government health care program for the elderly, Medicare, covers very few nursing home costs. Medicaid is the largest source of government funding for nursing home care. But getting Medicaid benefits isn't always easy because the rules can be complicated. So, there are all kinds of myths out there about who qualifies for assistance. Knowing the truth ab... Read More

Additional Health Care Topics

Additional Health Care Topics