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How do I transfer 18K stock to adult child on SSI Disability?

1 Answers. Asked on Dec 18th, 2016 on Medicare and Medicaid - New Jersey
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I am in the process of applying for Medicaid for my parents in order to move to an Assisted Living Facility.. I stumbled upon 2 stock worth approximately $18K . I researched that $$ can be left to a child whom is Disabiled On SSI. Is this correct? How do I go about doing this? Should the stock be cashed in by parents first then given to disabled Child? We want to use the stock $$ to pay rent in Assisted Living until Medicaid is approved for my Parents. The stock money is only going to last for 3 months rent. Thank you for your guidance, Irene
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Answered on Dec 19th, 2016 at 10:10 AM

If your parents have a disabled child, they can transfer assets to that child and not cause a Medicaid penalty.  The assets your parents transferred to the disabled child should be placed into a SPecial Needs Trust to keep the disabled child from becoming ineligible for SSI.  You can either transfer it, or cash it in and give the disabled child the money.   

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