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See my new blog at This blog has articles on the False Claims Act, Medicare recoupments, and criminal defense.  Recent articles include ... Read more

The Biggest Red Flags in Medicaid Fraud Investigations

The NYC Bureau of Fraud Investigation constantly compares the information you put on your Medicaid application and re-certifications with information in a number of other databases. They are looking f ... Read more

3 Biggest Mistakes in Medicaid Fraud Investigations

When the government comes after you for Medicaid fraud, they have tremendous resources on their side.  You need to make sure you respond properly to protect yourself.  Here are the top three ... Read more

Texas Legislative Issues/News: The need for more medical residency position

As Business Insider recently noted, going to medical school in Texas can be a real bargain. The state caps in-state tuitions at about 6,650 per year at Texas medical schools. The cap does not cover al ... Read more

Texas Legislative Issues/News: New Legislation Provides Consumer Protection

As the Texas Tribune reports, a couple of pieces of legislation recently passed into law in Austin will provide considerable protection for Texas health care consumers with regard to freestanding emer ... Read more

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