I'm a retired 15 yr employee. Company moved to florida. Did not go. Was receiving a medicare Pt B check since 1999. Stopped. Private company took over

Asked on Feb 25th, 2017 on Medicare and Medicaid - New Jersey
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I was told that I must accept a plan that they offer. I have been covered by Medicare and AARP and do not need another plan. So I have lost my funds. Is this Legal?
Answered on Feb 26th, 2017 at 11:50 AM
You should call the company that is going to take over.  They will explain the benefits.  It probably provides prescription drug coverage and will pay for Medicare deductibles.  You may use it in place of the AARP but its not possible to advise you until you know what the other plan is intended to cover.  Good luck to you. 
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